Children’s Ballet is divided into 3 areas of study; Pre-Ballet, Ballet I, and Ballet II. Each area has, at its core, a codified syllabus designed to facilitate the maximum physical, mental and emotional development appropriate to the age and physical ability of each student. We provide a happy and child-friendly environment where each child’s dreams and expressions are nurtured and valued. By instilling a love of dance in every child who enters our classrooms, we encourage them to be the best they can be, inspiring them to carry the disciplines learned from dance throughout their lives.

A recital is held in May for families and friends. The studio provides recital costumes and there is no recital fee. Ballet students must purchase school uniform sold at the studio. We sell slippers tights, skirts and wraps on-site.

Pre-Ballet Pre-Ballet provides fun, creatively themed classes that are designed to appeal to each child’s imagination, introducing fundamental movements and ballet vocabulary. Children are inspired to move artistically through imagery, role play and exposure to a diverse selection of music. Glittering wands, ribbons, hoops, and an array of colorful props are all used to stimulate young imaginations and encourage self-expression.Through dance, children are provided with opportunities for achievement and enjoyment while developing muscle control, coordination, creativity, spatial awareness, social skills and confidence.

Ballet I  Students begin formal training in traditional classical ballet. The classes progress at a rate that allows the student to learn the exercises correctly and with full physicality. Repetition and slow careful work is emphasized, with the students learning discipline and control of their bodies. By introducing students to the basic steps, positions, postures and traditions of classical ballet, the Ballet I curriculum enhances both cognitive and physical development at this important time. 

Ballet II Young dancers add new dance skills with larger movements. They begin work on refining their form and technique towards the achievement of precision. Students begin more advanced technique work in their barre exercises and combinations. Vocabualry and classical ballet movement will be taught. Dancers will explore balance, many kinds of jumps and combining several dance movements together. Students develop skills associated with academic success, self-discipline, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate and collaborate. 

Hip Hop I & II Class combines fun, easy-to-follow dance moves to popular music for boys and girls. A great place to shake their wiggles out! The non-competitive atmosphere is the perfect setting to introduce your child to hip hop and jazz dance.

Trial Class: Dancers are invited to participate in a "no obligation" trial class for $15.00 each class.